July 27, 2010

This site is dedicated to helping people learn homesteading skills.  The category list will continue to grow as this web site grows, but here is a quick description of each category:

  • Food Preparation
    Food should be prepared from single-ingredient items (for example, pork, milk, basil, honey, butter, eggs, carrot, etc.), and from as many items that can be produced in one’s own garden as possible.  No MSG, HFCS, or other dangerous pseudo-food need apply!  This is the only way to ensure the freshest, healthiest, most cost efficient way to prepare food for your family.  There are two subcategories here: Recipes and TechniquesRecipes are for natural, homecooked meals from scratch.  Techniques are descriptions of basic cooking skills and methods that people may not have tried before or ever had the opportunity to learn before.
  • Food Preservation
    Each type of food has its own best way to be preserved.  Some foods are best preserved through canning, while others are better dried, frozen, or smoked.  There are subcategories for Canning, Dehydration, Freezing, and Smoking.  Instructions on each method, details about equipment, as well as recipes (which are cross-referenced in the Recipes category) are found in these subcategories.
  • Gardening
    Only organic, natural, and sustainable gardening tips and techniques are permitted on this web site.  This category will likely grow some subcategories for specific trees, plants, and techniques.
  • Home Remedies
    Treat this section as you would information on common first aid, not medical advice.  Please seek the advice of a physician for proper diagnosis and recommended treatment.  However, many plants,  natural materials, and methods have a long history associated them with relief from common ailments.    Please be aware that plants contain hundreds of chemical constituents, and can have contraindications.  Always verify information on herbs from a well-written herbal (links to good books on herbalism will be provided) or with a trained herbalist.
  • Homeschooling
    Homeschooling is becoming much more common since many public schools are simply underfunded and more concerned about standardized test scores which effect their federal funding than whether or not the students are actually learning anything, and private schools are often too expensive for the average person to afford without a loan.  Look here for information on curricula, networking with other homeschooling parents, etc.
  • Homesteading
    This is a general category of homesteading skills, tips, and other useful, related information that doesn’t fit anywhere else.
  • Housekeeping
    Here, you will find tips on organization and how to make non-toxic homemade cleaners.  Again, materials used should be things you can reproduce as often as possible, or are extremely frugal to purchase.  Too many people are exposed to suspected carcinogens in common, expensive, commercial cleaning products.  Better to make the more frugal, safer alternatives at home.
  • Livestock
    Information on different breeds, animal housing, beekeeping, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, and more.
  • Needle & Thread
    Everything to make thread, cloth, yarn, and how to turn them into clothes, decorative applications, and household accessories.  Details are found in the subcategories of Embroidery, Knitting, Sewing, Spinning, and Weaving.
About the Author Homesteading Mom

Homesteading Mom is run by Cat Ellis, an herbalist, prepper and aspiring homesteader. Cat is the author of two books, Prepper's Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic. Cat Ellis also blogs at KetoCat.com, HerbalPrepper.com, and TheOrganicPrepper.com.

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