Hey folks,

Due to an illness that ran through our home like a steamroller, there was no way I could sit at the computer for very long. I should, however, have this past week’s totals documented here tomorrow.

I would like to share one little “learning moment” in home canning. With the first update, I pointed to some butternut squash soup, and a pureed parsnip and leek curry intending them to be canned this week. Turns out, it isn’t safe to can vegetable purees at home. Apparently, vegetable purees remain too dense to guarantee they have been processed thoroughly all the way through.

It simply never occurred to me that it couldn’t be done, so I had everything all set, all my jars and lids sterilized and filled. The canner was on the stovetop. I went to look up the proper amount of processing time, only to be very irritated with myself for not checking on this sooner. As the saying goes, never assume!

This is exactly what I felt like doing!

You never stop learning!



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