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Frugal Parenting With Cloth Diapers

By Homesteading Mom / September 29, 2014

I recently traded my children’s old cloth diapers for some babysitting. An old friend needed a more economical way to diaper her adorable baby boy, and my kids didn’t need them any more. Seeing those cloth diapers again, however, brought a lot of memories back, and I thought I’d share some of my experiences with […]


Make-Ahead Meals: Omelette Muffins

By Homesteading Mom / February 20, 2012

I’ve learned to be  frugal with my money. Now, I’m learning to be frugal with my time. Omlette muffins are a great make-ahead meal that makes breakfast quick and easy. They are a great way to use up left over meats and veggies. Plus, these are appropriate for those on a low-glycemic diet who need low-carb foods, […]


Frugal Kitchen Lesson- How to Make Yogurt

By Homesteading Mom / June 21, 2011

An easy way to save money is to make your own yogurt at home. All you need is: milk a yogurt starter a double boiler (or two different-sized pots where one can sit inside the other) a thermometer (I use a meat thermometer) a way to incubate the yogurt (keep it warm) possibly a system […]