May 3, 2011

It has been almost five months since my last entry.  The winter was spent with revolving respiratory illnesses going around and around the household.  Plenty of bronchitis and ear infections and feeling just plain icky.  Trying to find the time to cook, clean, care for sick kids, care for a sick self, and still keep up with learning new skills… there just hasn’t been a moment free in the day (or night) left to post the homesteading activities of the day.  Now that the sun is shining, the days are both longer and warmer, hopefully spring’s gentle breezes will sweep the winter sniffles and colds away.

Here are a few of the projects we’ve been up to around our city homestead:

  • Gardening– We are starting to put in raised beds and cold frames.  In the past, we’ve just dug a swath of the ground up.  This looks more organized and has more “curb appeal”.  The cold frames will certainly allow us to grow a lot longer into the winter months.
  • Skills– I’ve begun training to become a midwife.
  • Freedom– One of our goals is to become completely independent of the industrialized food system.  To that end, we have once again purchased a share from a local, organic farm for our veggies (and some fruit).  This will provide for our fresh eating all summer.  Our garden will focus on long term storage, foods for canning, roots for the root cellar, fermenting/pickling, etc.  We have found a family-owned, local dairy for our milk (I make our butter, yogurt, and some soft cheeses), and several farms that provide various meats and eggs.  We still have not found a local source of grains, but I am now buying them in bulk online. Items like sugar, salt, baking soda, toilet paper, vinegar, nuts, etc, are still being purchased in bulk from a wholesale club, but we are well on our way to being independent the industrialized food industry.
  • Skills– I’ve learned the very easy skills of making yogurt, butter, and some cheeses (cottage, mozzarella, ricotta)
  • Skills– This past yuletide, I got a spinning wheel.  I’m still getting used to the speeds (much faster than drop spindles), but I’m definitely improving.

That’s about it for now.  I hope everyone likes the new background theme for the blog!

About the Author Homesteading Mom

Homesteading Mom is run by Cat Ellis, an herbalist, prepper and aspiring homesteader. Cat is the author of two books, Prepper's Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic. Cat Ellis also blogs at,, and

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