Progress Update- Our Cabin Construction So Far

For the past two years, we have been building an off-grid cabin as a base of operations to live out of while we build our house and develop our homestead. It isn’t easy to make a lot of progress living over 5 hours away and having to watch a couple of small kids during the process, but our little project has really taken off. Best part- no construction loan!

We spent the better part of the last two weeks in our little home, including Thanksgiving. We got a lot of little interior odds and ends done, with plenty more left to do. Here are a few images that tell the story much better than I ever could.

Cabin in the snow
Snow- no problem! No leaks, cabin nice and warm.

two happy children
Two happy kids

hand made railing and gate
Handy husband made a railing with a gate to keep the kiddos from getting to the wood stove.

Hand made ladder
Handy hubby also made one heck of a solid ladder up to the second floor!

my little kitchen/dining area
Dual purpose cooking and eating area. A more functional kitchen will be part of an upcoming addition, as well as an outdoor kitchen for summer time.

A very happy cat
A very happy cat who comes with us each trip. He loves his new perch on the ladder.

bed, counch, and storage table
The cat also enjoys the queen size bed next to the love seat, where our young son sleeps. The matching table is hollow for needed storage space. The play pen functions as a crib for the toddler.

the hatch
This is the ladder up to the second floor. The opening is covered with a couple boards, but it will eventually have a hatch on a hinge. The second floor will eventually be our bedroom, and we will build additions for the kids to have their own rooms on the first floor.

top of the hill
Just thought I’d include a photo of the hill behind us. It blocks a lot of bad weather, and we couldn’t have been more fortunate with our new neighbors who recently bought it- more off-grid homesteaders!

Cabin after the snow
The day after the snow, puttering around both inside and outside. Yes, we know, we need to add more stove pipe.

Still left to do and projects we’re looking to tackle this spring and summer are having a well dug, adding a gravel driveway, establishing our orchards, finishing the second floor and at least one of the additions. (I’m pushing for the bathroom!)

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