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Crockpot Portuguese-Inspired Pork Stew

Growing up in a heavily Portuguese city, I was totally spoiled rotten on gloriously delicious food. Two of my favorite...

How to Cook a Maple-Spiced Fresh Ham |

Recipe: How to Cook A Maple-Spiced Fresh Ham

The best way to buy meat, hands down, is to buy an animal direct from a local farm. Small, local...

Homesteading for Health

A lot has been weighing on both my mind and my heart the past few months. Sitting at my laptop,...

Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Steak |

Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Steak

It’s time to show a little love for some wonderful people, a new favorite cookbook, and for a must-have appliance-...

Kale Soup | www,

Portuguese Kale Soup

Portuguese Kale Soup was something my grandmother would make every week. There is the crazy idea out there that eating...

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