Non-Toxic Art Supplies for Kids

By Homesteading Mom / December 12, 2012

Need a holiday gift idea for young children, and want to keep it non-toxic AND made in the USA?

Typically, I do handmade gifts, but this year has gotten away from me. Plus, there are plenty of things I cannot make (or just don’t know how to yet), and art supplies for the kids are one of them. From what I have read, many items are well-suited for DIY types. But, it’s not happening for this DIYer for this particular Yuletide season.

kid chalk

I found this blog entry from Mighty Nest, which describes some of the concerns of toxic chemicals with which kids come in contact using art supplies. They also sell a good selection of art supplies made with non-toxic materials, vegetable dyes, and a fair number of items are made in the USA.

Water soluble botanical paints in wooden holder, Made In USA by Glob & sold by Might Nest


While the adults on my gift-giving list are going to be gifted with baskets of  herbal lotions and  potions, honey, and gluten-free baked goods, and  I wanted to get my kids art and homeschooling supplies (in addition to the cookies and chocolates I’ve been secretly making when they aren’t looking).  My son has been fascinated watching me knit an ear flap wool hat for him, but he already knows about it. However, both kiddos will get a nice surprise when they find finger paints, modeling clay, and crayons under the tree.

Such simple things make young kids happy. Not worrying about if those simple things are exposing them to something toxic makes mom happy.



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