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Paleo Lemonade

Hi everyone!  I’m back from our homestead up north where, unfortunately, we do not yet have Internet access. It was a lovely trip, great to get away, and we cleared some land. All day yesterday, I was been busy getting caught up in the garden and with chores around the house. We came back to […] more

Smart Varroa Mite Control for Honeybees

Before heading out to the hives this morning, I read an article on honeybee mite control that I wanted to pass along. Click here for the article. We’ve been keeping bees for a five years now. Our approach to beekeeping is to focus on raising healthy bees, and the rest will take care of itself. […] more

Pediatrician Recommends Honey & Lavender for Colds

We took our two young children to the pediatrician this morning.  They have both had nasty colds, complete with coughing, nasal congestion, coughing,  runny noses, and oh, did I mention coughing?  I wanted to make sure that they didn’t also have ear or throat issues, and needed to know what was causing the coughing (post nasal drip from […] more