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Homesteading for Health

Vegetable Bounty

A lot has been weighing on both my mind and my heart the past few months. Sitting at my laptop, a few lines would manage to find their way to my screen, but would be ultimately deleted. Nothing that I wrote seemed to sound quite right. My mother passed away this past April. She’d had […] more

Homegrown Income

One farmers market vendor twho we know personally sells potted plants at markets 5 days a week, making $700 per week.

Yesterday, I wrote about why I think paying off debt is the best use of one’s tax return money. But, everyone’s circumstances are different. Sometimes, there is nothing left to cut from the budget to make ends meet. There is only one solution: increase household income. Some people work two jobs, or raise money to pay […] more

Top 25 Ways To Invest Your Tax Return


When people think of investing, many people think of Wall Street, 401Ks, IRAs, mutual funds, and financial advisors to help us navigate these turbulant waters. Tax time is also upon us. Many people are anticipating getting back some portion of what the government collected in taxes throughout the year in the form of a tax […] more

Stocking a Sustainable Kitchen- Cast Iron Cookware

eggs in pan2

What kinds of appliances and tools belong in a sustainable kitchen? First off, what do I mean by sustainable? This term gets kicked around very loosely these days, especially when corporations and government need to greenwash something that is in reality quite unsustainable. When I say sustainable, I’m looking at several factors, some of which […] more

Why I Do Not Grow GMO

The Farmer of the Future?

  This is the first part of several gardening-related posts. I tried several times to just sit down and write an article about choosing and preparing seeds, but I kept coming back to the problems with GMOs. So, let’s deal with the GMO issue first. What are GMO seeds? Today, there is a new kid […] more

Vote with Your Dollars

I’ve been advocating for a long time that we would all benefit by being more mindful of our spending habits. Often, this is in regard to being more frugal and freeing up funds in a rough economy. But, this post will focus on a different reason why being mindful of our spending habits is important. […] more

Rawesome Raid II: SWAT Thugs Raid Food Club To Protect Corporate Food Profits

I don’t normally do long, opinion pieces here on this blog. The most recent raid on the Rawesome food club has many folks, including myself, riled up and rightfully so. Normally, most law enforcement personnel are decent folks doing a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. But this ever-increasing use of multi-agency crackdowns, especially the use of […] more

Paleo Lemonade

Hi everyone!  I’m back from our homestead up north where, unfortunately, we do not yet have Internet access. It was a lovely trip, great to get away, and we cleared some land. All day yesterday, I was been busy getting caught up in the garden and with chores around the house. We came back to […] more

Random Thoughts from Our Recent Trip To Our Homestead

Late last night, We returned to our apartment (reluctantly) from our real home up north where we spent a gorgeous Independence Day and long weekend. We spent almost every waking moment working on our homestead site, getting ready for the move. I don’t think that we spent a moment actually relaxing. This is how we […] more

First Steps in Building a Home by Hand

A couple of  years ago, we made a decision to build a home by hand.  The primary reason is the savings from doing the labor ourselves. We ended up building a tiny cabin that we’re putting the finishing touches on this summer. It was a pay-as-we-go project, no construction loan, and absolutely nothing charged on credit […] more

How To Buy Land Without Debt

I hate debt, especially one of the biggest debt burdens people can carry- the mortgage. Did you know that “mortgage” means “death grip” or “death pledge”? (Google “word origins mortgage”) A rough economy and the ever-increasing likelihood of layoffs has every thinking person justifiably concerned. Banks have foreclosed on millions of homes since 2008, driving home values […] more

How Rural Homesteading Makes Us Safer

Please watch the documentary “Urban Danger“.  The link will take you to the film’s home page and click on the tab to watch on line. The part that is probably the most important to see is the first 40 minutes or so, which nails down the various risks that are built in to city life, […] more

FDA Claims Unconstitutional Powers to Seize Food without Evidence of Contamination under Food Safety and Modernization Act

A cornerstone of homesteading is small-scale food production. There are many reasons to produce your own food.  You get to control which varieties of plants you grow, the breed of animals you raise, the type of feed your livestock eat, and how to care for the soil. Not only can you save money by growing […] more

Uses for Leftover Water from Boiling Eggs

When you boil an egg, some of the calcium from the shell leaches into the water.  This is a good thing!  You now have water plus calcium.  Here are two good uses for the calcium water left over from cooking eggs. When the water cools down, use it to water tomatoes.  It will add some calcium […] more

Five Uses for Leftover Egg Shells

Ever wonder what to do with leftover egg shells from cooking or baking?  Here are a few ideas for leftover egg shells: Soil Amendment- Crush them up (mortar & pestle, food processor, blender, etc.) and add them to your soil before planting tomato plants.  Tomatoes love the extra calcium, which “may” help prevent blossom-end rot. Seed […] more

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