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Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Steak

Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Steak

It’s time to show a little love for some wonderful people, a new favorite cookbook, and for a must-have appliance- the slow cooker. All three have been lifesavers this week since I sprained my ankle. Last week, I fell and severely sprained my ankle. While this has totally disrupted my routine and ability to do simple […] more

The 13 Skills in 2013 Challenge

I really could play with herbs all day.

Every Yuletide season, I think about what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. Some years see more success than others, and those more successful years typically have a couple of things in common. A specific plan to attain each goal Making a declaration, even if just to myself, that a goal will be […] more

Food Storage Challenge Weeks #2 and #3

Beef stew and gluten-free coconut muffins

Talk about a stomach flu that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy! I was down for the count for the better part of ten days, and prior to that was caring for the rest of the family while they had the bug. Therefore, my updates for the food challenge for the past two weeks […] more

The Best Cold & Flu Home Remedy- Elderberry Syrup

Last winter was a tough one in our house for colds and the flu. I had heard about how effective elderberry syrup was for battling infections. So, I tried it, and I now swear by it. I’ve played around with different recipes, and came up with a strong syrup that tastes so good that my […] more

Frugal Health- The Benefits of Bone Broth

Good broth resurrects the dead. South American Proverb What if I told you that there was a ridiculously easy and inexpensive way to improve your health, reduce pain, and get more nutrition. No pills with nasty side effects. No expensive supplements. It wouldn’t take much time out of your day to prepare, tastes great, and will […] more

Pediatrician Recommends Honey & Lavender for Colds

We took our two young children to the pediatrician this morning.  They have both had nasty colds, complete with coughing, nasal congestion, coughing,  runny noses, and oh, did I mention coughing?  I wanted to make sure that they didn’t also have ear or throat issues, and needed to know what was causing the coughing (post nasal drip from […] more

Welcome to Homesteading Mom

This site is dedicated to helping people learn homesteading skills.  The category list will continue to grow as this web site grows, but here is a quick description of each category: Food Preparation Food should be prepared from single-ingredient items (for example, pork, milk, basil, honey, butter, eggs, carrot, etc.), and from as many items […] more