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More Heirloom Seeds

By Homesteading Mom / November 26, 2013

I know everyone is busy getting read for Thanksgiving this week. I just wanted to quickly share a link to The Sustainable Seed Company. Thanks to Concretin from Concretin’s Colluquium over at Just Measure’s Radio¬†for bringing it to my attention during one of The Medic Shack’s (a show I co-host) broadcasts. The Sustainable Seed Company […]


Starting Seeds 101

By Homesteading Mom / February 24, 2012

I used to worry about whether or not I should start seeds indoors or outdoors. Should I bother with a seed starting mix, or can I start the seeds in regular garden soil? Should I use those plastic trays? Do I have to… I was making starting seeds way more complicated than it needed to […]


Why I Do Not Grow GMO

By Homesteading Mom / February 23, 2012

  This is the first part of several gardening-related posts. I tried several times to just sit down and write an article about choosing and preparing seeds, but I kept coming back to the problems with GMOs. So, let’s deal with the GMO issue first. What are GMO seeds? Today, there is a new kid […]


A Garden Update and CSA Season Has Started

By Homesteading Mom / June 20, 2011

In spite of construction at our home completely disrupting everything- including our garden, we do have golden chard going strong and ready to start harvesting. Several bean, zucchini, and cucumber plants are over their transplant shock and are showing real growth now. As long as the weather holds out, construction/repairs should be done by the […]

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