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Meals In Jars

Tomato Powder

I have arrived late to the party when it comes to this great idea, Meals In Jars. Apparently, this is a marriage of food storage and convenience meals. How could I have missed this? I was cruising YouTube looking for new ideas for food storage, and finally stumbled upon this rather ingenious method of storing […] more

Food Storage Challenge Weeks #2 and #3

Beef stew and gluten-free coconut muffins

Talk about a stomach flu that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy! I was down for the count for the better part of ten days, and prior to that was caring for the rest of the family while they had the bug. Therefore, my updates for the food challenge for the past two weeks […] more

On the mend, and a pressure canning “learning moment”

Mom as nurse

Hey folks, Due to an illness that ran through our home like a steamroller, there was no way I could sit at the computer for very long. I should, however, have this past week’s totals documented here tomorrow. I would like to share one little “learning moment” in home canning. With the first update, I […] more

Food Storage Challenge Week #1

Food Storage Challenge Week 1

Hey everyone! So, today is the first record-keeping day of my food storage challenge. I made a short video to post on YouTube, and as soon as I figure out how to upload it, I’ll post it here as well. Just to recap, the rules are: Put something into food storage daily for a month. […] more

Food Storage Challenge

Food Storage

I am proud to say that I’ve completed a 7-month long herbal training program. I learned a lot, met some wonderful people, and had a great time. It was also an immense amount of work! At least now, my homework is now cut in half and down to midwifery only. With my additional workload these […] more

Pressure Canning vs. Water Bath Canning

What is the difference between pressure canning and water bath canning?  Temperature!  A very high temperature to be exact.  Pressure canning allows the heat inside a pressure canner to build up to 240*F.  The water bath method uses boiling water, which only reaches 212*F, and even less if at higher elevations.  Something magical happens when a pressure […] more

Welcome to Homesteading Mom

This site is dedicated to helping people learn homesteading skills.  The category list will continue to grow as this web site grows, but here is a quick description of each category: Food Preparation Food should be prepared from single-ingredient items (for example, pork, milk, basil, honey, butter, eggs, carrot, etc.), and from as many items […] more