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Top 25 Ways To Invest Your Tax Return

By Homesteading Mom / January 22, 2013

When people think of investing, many people think of Wall Street, 401Ks, IRAs, mutual funds, and financial advisors to help us navigate these turbulant waters. Tax time is also upon us. Many people are anticipating getting back some portion of what the government collected in taxes throughout the year in the form of a tax […]


Stocking a Sustainable Kitchen- Cast Iron Cookware

By Homesteading Mom / August 7, 2012

What kinds of appliances and tools belong in a sustainable kitchen? First off, what do I mean by sustainable? This term gets kicked around very loosely these days, especially when corporations and government need to greenwash something that is in reality quite unsustainable. When I say sustainable, I’m looking at several factors, some of which […]


Why I Do Not Grow GMO

By Homesteading Mom / February 23, 2012

  This is the first part of several gardening-related posts. I tried several times to just sit down and write an article about choosing and preparing seeds, but I kept coming back to the problems with GMOs. So, let’s deal with the GMO issue first. What are GMO seeds? Today, there is a new kid […]


Vote with Your Dollars

By Homesteading Mom / November 30, 2011

I’ve been advocating for a long time that we would all benefit by being more mindful of our spending habits. Often, this is in regard to being more frugal and freeing up funds in a rough economy. But, this post will focus on a different reason why being mindful of our spending habits is important. […]


Rawesome Raid II: SWAT Thugs Raid Food Club To Protect Corporate Food Profits

By Homesteading Mom / August 4, 2011

I don’t normally do long, opinion pieces here on this blog. The most recent raid on the Rawesome food club has many folks, including myself, riled up and rightfully so. Normally, most law enforcementĀ personnel are decent folks doing a difficult and sometimes dangerous job. But this ever-increasing use of multi-agency crackdowns, especially the use of […]

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