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A Garden Update and CSA Season Has Started

In spite of construction at our home completely disrupting everything- including our garden, we do have golden chard going strong and ready to start harvesting. Several bean, zucchini, and cucumber plants are over their transplant shock and are showing real growth now. As long as the weather holds out, construction/repairs should be done by the end of next week.

We should be able to put tomatoes and peppers out in the garden next week. Late, I know, but with the hoop house styled cold frame (tall enough to accommodate the tomato plants), and a little bit of luck, we should be able to keep those going later into the season than we would otherwise.

Our CSA share has started, and I must say I’m glad we held off on planting lettuce. We’re getting more than we can eat out of the share (almost). We got a nice portion of sugar snap peas, which I prefer to snack on raw. The first beets of the share came in, small, but sweet, plus the beet greens are edible. The beets will be made into a beverage/tonic of kvass, which is reported to have many health benefits. More to come on the making of beet kvass.

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