Chourico and Spinach Breakfast Casserole

Chourico & Spinach Breakfast Casserole

This recipe has it all. It’s low-glycemic, gluten-free, Paleo/Primal Diet-friendly, and affordable. You can mix up all the ingredients the night before, store in the fridge overnight, and just pop it in the oven the next morning. It’s got plenty of fiber-rich veggies. It also makes a TON of food, leaving plenty for leftovers fir […] more

Quinoa, a very pretty seed/grain to grow.

More Heirloom Seeds

I know everyone is busy getting read for Thanksgiving this week. I just wanted to quickly share a link to The Sustainable Seed Company. Thanks to Concretin from Concretin’s Colluquium over at Just Measure’s Radio for bringing it to my attention during one of The Medic Shack’s (a show I co-host) broadcasts. The Sustainable Seed Company […] more

Very white, lovely lard!

How To Render Lard In A Crockpot

Rendering lard is super simple to begin with. It’s even easier in a crockpot. Take the pork fat you have trimmed up and saved, and pop it in the freezer. It’s much easier to cut when frozen. Once it’s warmed up, it starts to get soft and greasy, and more difficult to cut into pieces. The […] more

Tomato Powder

Meals In Jars

I have arrived late to the party when it comes to this great idea, Meals In Jars. Apparently, this is a marriage of food storage and convenience meals. How could I have missed this? I was cruising YouTube looking for new ideas for food storage, and finally stumbled upon this rather ingenious method of storing […] more


Crockpot Portuguese-Inspired Pork Stew

Growing up in a heavily Portuguese city, I was totally spoiled rotten on gloriously delicious food. Two of my favorite dishes, caçoila (a type of Portuguese pulled pork) and pork alentejana (pork and littlenecks) have many similar ingredients. My mom and I used to out to eat once a month for alentejana, and she would […] more

Recipe: How to Cook A Maple-Spiced Fresh Ham

Glorious fresh ham

The best way to buy meat, hands down, is to buy an animal direct from a local farm. Small, local operations are your best bet for the best quality at the best price. Thanks to market demand, more and more farms are raising grass-fed/pastured cows, pigs, chickens, and goats. We recently bought a 600lb cow […] more

Homesteading for Health

Vegetable Bounty

A lot has been weighing on both my mind and my heart the past few months. Sitting at my laptop, a few lines would manage to find their way to my screen, but would be ultimately deleted. Nothing that I wrote seemed to sound quite right. My mother passed away this past April. She’d had […] more

Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Steak

Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Steak

It’s time to show a little love for some wonderful people, a new favorite cookbook, and for a must-have appliance- the slow cooker. All three have been lifesavers this week since I sprained my ankle. Last week, I fell and severely sprained my ankle. While this has totally disrupted my routine and ability to do simple […] more

Portuguese Kale Soup

My favorite heirloom curly kale seeds.

There is the crazy idea out there that eating nourishing foods is either: Too expensive Takes too long to cook This is a recipe that defies both of those myths.  This soup is a great way to use up the leftovers from a roast chicken, and get the most for your money. At the same […] more

Homegrown Income

One farmers market vendor twho we know personally sells potted plants at markets 5 days a week, making $700 per week.

Yesterday, I wrote about why I think paying off debt is the best use of one’s tax return money. But, everyone’s circumstances are different. Sometimes, there is nothing left to cut from the budget to make ends meet. There is only one solution: increase household income. Some people work two jobs, or raise money to pay […] more

Best Use For Your Tax Return- Pay Off Debt


In yesterday’s post, I listed 25 ways to allocate your tax return to increase self-reliance, which is at the core of homesteading. This was not an exhaustive list, rather a starting point, especially if you are new to all this. Out of all the twenty five items I listed as a good use for your tax […] more

Top 25 Ways To Invest Your Tax Return


When people think of investing, many people think of Wall Street, 401Ks, IRAs, mutual funds, and financial advisors to help us navigate these turbulant waters. Tax time is also upon us. Many people are anticipating getting back some portion of what the government collected in taxes throughout the year in the form of a tax […] more

Prosperity In Any Economy

Pot Of Gold

The tagline of my blog is “Prosperity In Any Economy.” However, I haven’t focused much on the “prosperity” side of homesteading, as I have on growing food, sourcing food locally, and cooking from scratch. I have taken it for granted that the connection between these things, as well as other homesteading-related activities, and creating prosperity […] more

The 13 Skills in 2013 Challenge

I really could play with herbs all day.

Every Yuletide season, I think about what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. Some years see more success than others, and those more successful years typically have a couple of things in common. A specific plan to attain each goal Making a declaration, even if just to myself, that a goal will be […] more

Non-Toxic Art Supplies for Kids

kid chalk

Need a holiday gift idea for young children, and want to keep it non-toxic AND made in the USA? Typically, I do handmade gifts, but this year has gotten away from me. Plus, there are plenty of things I cannot make (or just don’t know how to yet), and art supplies for the kids are […] more

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